Get a Backup of your WordPress Files and Database

To manually move a WordPress website you will need to get a backup of your WordPress files and database. You can get this from your existing web host.

Upload your WordPress files to the public_html folder

The WordPress files and folders need to be uploaded to the public_html folder, or the Addon domain folder if you are using an Addon domain.

You can use FTP to upload all the files individually, or if you make a compressed file of all your website files, you can upload that using the File Manager in cPanel, or using FTP. Uploading a compressed file is much easier and quicker, once uploaded use the cPanel File Manager to extract all the files, right click on the file and extract. You can drag and drop files and folders too if the extracted files aren’t in the correct location.

Once you have uploaded your files you can proceed to create a database and database user in cPanel.

Create Database and Database User

First open the wp-config.php in your public_html or Addon domain folder and check what the database name and user details are (you can use the File Manager in cPanel for open/view/edit files). You can use those details to create the database name and database user, or create a fresh database name and database user and update the wp-config.php with the new details. The “host” setting in the wp-config.php is just “localhost”.

To create a database and database user in cPanel go to Databases ➜ MySQL Databases. On that page first “Create New Database”. Then “Add New User”. Then “Add User to Database” and select all privileges.

Import Database file

After you have created the database you need to import your backup database file. In cPanel click on phpMyAdmin. A new window will open. Click on the database name in the left column. Then click the Import tab at top of page in the right side pane. Click “Choose File” and select your database file from your PC. Then click “Go” at bottom of page. Then wait for the import to complete.

Update Domain Nameservers if needed

That’s all you need to do. If your domain nameservers have been updated and is pointing to our servers then your website should start working. If you haven’t yet updated your domain nameservers you will need to do that so your domain is pointing to your hosting account on our web servers.

Or Get us to Move Your Website for You

We also provide a manual website move service for $35 to move a website from one hosting account to another. We will do the the same process as above. This is separate to the free full cPanel account transfers we offer.


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