We auto install SSL certificates for all domains on a web hosting account.

You do not need to buy or install SSL certificates.

Requirements for us to install your SSL

For SSL to be installed on a domain, the domain must be pointing to our servers. This is required for the SSL to be authorised by the SSL provider. To point a domain to our servers the nameservers for that domain must be set to our nameservers or the A Record for that domain must be pointing to our server IP address.

Setup process for new domains

If you registered a new domain with your hosting order the nameservers will automatically be set to ours. In this case the SSL will usually take about half an hour to complete auto setup. Sometimes longer if the SSL provider has a large queue of domains to authorise, or if there is a delay in the registration process of the domain name. The longest it make take is overnight, contact us if you require the SSL more quickly.

Setup process for existing domains

If you are using an existing registered domain for your hosting account, the SSL will automatically be installed within a few hours of the nameservers being set to our nameservers, at the latest will be overnight, assuming your name servers have been updated to ours and the domain has propagated and is pointing to our servers. If you require the SSL more quickly you may contact us.

How to check SSL is installed

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