To create a database and database user, login to cPanel and go to Databases ➜ MySQL Databases. On that page “Create New Database”. Then “Add New User”. Then “Add User to Database” and select all privileges.

You can then start using the database with your website. Update your website configuration file to use the new database and user details. The database host to use is “localhost”.

You can also manually add/edit/delete data in the database using phpMyAdmin. To access phpMyAdmin in cPanel go to Databases ➜ phpMyAdmin. A new window will open, click on the database name in the left column, you can then start viewing and editing the database.

You can use phpMyAdmin to import backup database files of your existing databases. Click on the database name in the left column. Then click the Import tab at top of page in the right side pane. Click “Choose File” and select your database file from your PC. Then click “Go” at bottom of page. Then wait for the import to complete.

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